Project Japan has been updated to Version 1.0.2.


We have now released Version 1.0.2 of Project Japan, a map mod for ETS2.
This patch mainly focuses on compatibility with 1.40, and it's content is similar to that of the previous version, so there are no new areas.

We have also fixed a few bugs present in Version 1.0.1.

The main mod, as well as the add-ons have been updated to work with 1.40.


- Version 1.40.x (no compatibility with version 1.39 or below)
- 6 Map DLCs: Going East!, Scandinavia, Vive La France!,
Italia, Beyond the Baltic Sea, Road to the Black Sea

For this version of Project Japan, the Iberia DLC is not necessary.

How to install

Please read the included Readme, as it contains a installation guide.

We also have an in-depth Installation Guide here on our Website, if you are not yet familiar with mods on ETS2.
This also includes a step-by-step video of the installation.

Installation Guide Page (Japanese Text only)


- fixed rain falling inside of tunnels (Miyoshi)
- fixed floating models (walls, other buildings) ( Miyoshi etc.)
- fixed missing collision on divider (Suita Interchange)
- fixed missing / wrong speed limits on some roads (several places)
- adjusted stopping position to pay highway tolls at Smart ICs
- fixed AI cars stopping randomly near highway ramps (at Akashi Kaikyo Bridge etc.)
- other various fixes

- Adjustment of all custom assets to work with game version 1.40, for the main Mod as well as our Add-Ons.
(Models, Textures, Light Sources, AI traffic etc.)

- Super Hard Company Add-On
(now compatible with the newest game version and also includes all new areas introduced in Ver 1.0.0)

About Super Hard Company:
Super Hard Company is a Mod that is included in our official download.
This Mod increases the difficulty of parking quite significantly by adding obstacles close to the parking spot and
narrowing the space you have available there. It also alters navigation data in some instances, so that you cannot
 fully rely on your navigation system!
 It is designed with "standard" SCS cargo in mind, so you might not be able to park with (longer) Mod Trailers, heavy cargo etc.
This is the intended behavior, and not a bug / oversight.

Do not use this mod if you want to play Project Japan normally. There might be situations where parking will be near impossible or at least very hard. If you have played the normal version of Project Japan, and want to try something new, then you can activate this mod. We will not take any responsibility for lost time, aborted deliveries and stress buildup.

You have been warned.

Bugs we are aware of

&With AMD graphics cards, there is a flickering issue which occurs in parts of Takayama and Hida.
Other areas are not affected.

We are not yet sure why this happens, and are investigating this issue.

- On some AI traffic included in Project Japan, the lights are buggy / look weird.
These are not our own models, although we have permission to use them.
They haven't been updated to 1.40 by their respective owners yet, mostly due to the fact that some tools
in the creation pipeline are not yet updated for game version 1.40.

We are working getting the issues fixed.


Ver.1.0.2 ShareMods Uploaded by karu0920



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